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Spiders Gone From the Home

Here are a few more tips that are chemical free and can help keep spiders away from the house!


  1.  Mint

Mint is wonderful in food and dessert…….but it is also a great natural pest repellent!  Almost all bugs, including spiders, hate mint.  If you add peppermint essential oil to water in a spray bottle and spray it all over the house.  The house will smell wonderful, and it will keep those pesky pests away!  Another tip!  Crush some mint leaves and put them in little sachets in the kitchen cupboards.  No fresh mint?  You can use mint tea bags!  Plant mint leaves near the entryway to the home as well. 

  1.  Diatomaceous Earth

Many have no clue what DE is.  It is made of fossilized remains of algae called diatoms.  The outer shell of the diatom is made of silica.  These skeletons are found at the bottom of rivers, streams, lakes, and the ocean.  This white powder is not expensive and is quite effective.  It is non-toxic, so it is an excellent choice when it comes to repelling spiders if you have pets or children in the home.  The silica in the DE absorbs all the moisture that is in pests and this causes them to dehydrate.  Sprinkle DE around areas where you notice bugs.  You can also mix 1 tablespoon of DE with water andspray around the outside of the house.  It will keep other pests away from the garden as well.  Do not inhale the dust when mixing DE.  It is safest to purchase food grade diatomaceous earth.  Arizona Mesa Pest Control

  1.  Cedar

Cedar blocks and chips around the home and inside the house will get rid of spiders and other bugs.  This wood smells wonderful, so this is an added bonus!   Arizona Mesa Pest Control


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