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Pest Control Service Phx Arizona

Treating Mosquitoes     Inspection The backbone of any effective pest control is having a detailed and thorough inspection.  A trained and experienced technician will... Read More »

Pest Control Service Mesa Arizona

Removing A Tick   Finding a tick latched on to your skin or someone you know, is not something you want to be dealing with.  However, if you spend time outdoors, it may be your... Read More »

Pest Control Service Cave Creek Arizona

Deer Ticks   Everyone in the United States knows what a deer tick is.  They are connected to Lyme Disease, so their reputation is now public enemy number one.  But are they... Read More »

Pest Control Service Carefree Arizona

Mice Vs Rats   There are over 1500 rodent species in the world, many you would recognize like hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, squirrels, beavers, chinchillas and the two species that... Read More »

Cave Creek Pest Control Service AZ

Signs of Termites    Translucent wings shed nearby.  Wings can be a sign of a flying ant swarm, those wings could also be termite swarmer wings!  When a colony of... Read More »

Mesa Pest Control Service AZ

Keys To Finding A Qualified Pest Professional Finding out you have a pest problem that is threatening your property, family’s health or even just your peace of mind is a major... Read More »

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Termite Problems Pests are sneaky. Mice are known to squeeze through any crack to get into a pantry item and cockroaches can sneak through vents and spread diseases.  Spiders invade... Read More »

Fountain Hills Pest Control Service AZ

Thought Your Holiday Guests Departed? Not Spiders.   The holidays are quickly approaching, and just as fast as they arrive, they pass us by!  The colder weather is coming and... Read More »

Ant pest control fountain hills az

The Forgotten Rooms   Most people aren’t crazy about encountering unwanted pests, especially if that encounter is in their home.  Homeowners should take preventative... Read More »

Ant pest control Carefree AZ

The Truth about Brown Recluse Spiders     When spiders are talked about and which ones are threats to humans, most people go straight to the black widow spider. ... Read More »

Ant Pest Control Cave Creek AZ

Tips for a Pest-Free Holiday How to decorate for the season without worrying about pests The holiday season is here and families across the country are getting in the Christmas... Read More »

Ant pest Control Phoenix AZ

Keeping Wild Animals in the Wild When fall season rolls in, the wild animals like squirrels, raccoons and opossums, may move indoors preparing for the colder months.  Often times our... Read More »

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Cold Drives the Pests Indoors When the colder months hit, homeowners can often be unaware that they may be sharing their cozy home with some unsuspected squatter-pests.   ... Read More »

Mesa AZ Bed Bug Professional

How to Know When to Hire a Pest Professional Why Do-It-Yourself Measures Aren't Always Enough    When pests find their way inside, a homeowner is often tempted to try and... Read More »

Fountain Hills Pest Control Around Me AZ

Stinging Insects 101 How to identify the pest, the nest and the threat  Stinging insects like wasps, yellowjackets, hornets and bees are common in the summer and their sting is a... Read More »

Carefree Pest Control Around Me AZ

Six Steps to an Ant Free Home Simple tips you can do today to help get rid of ants, continued   4.  Think about your pets Any pet (cats, dogs, etc) can invite ants into the... Read More »

Mesa Pest Control Around Me AZ

Six Steps to an Ant Free Home Simple tips you can do today to help get rid of ants.   If you have never had ants in your home, office or school, you are one of the lucky... Read More »

Phoenix Pest Control Near Me AZ

Strange Household Insect Facts   House Crickets These guys are active at night and hide in dark warm places during the day.  If you don’t see them, you will hear them! ... Read More »

Eco-Friendly Pest Control near Me Fountain Hills AZ

Weird But True: Strange Facts About Occasional Invader Pests   If you are a homeowner you are most likely familiar with common household pests like cockroaches, ants, mice, etc. ... Read More »

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Near Me Phoenix AZ

Interesting Facts About Ants (see previous article for missed facts!)   Fact #1: Ants can become zombies. I would say the most strangest ant fact there is, is a species of... Read More »

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Near Me Mesa AZ

Interesting Facts About Ants   You can find ants almost anywhere you live, but certain ants are unique.  Check out these interesting ant facts below.    Fact... Read More »

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Debunking Common Spider Myths, Continued…..     The National Pest Management Association has debunked a few of these legends about Spiders: Myth #3: All spiders spin... Read More »

Safe Pest Control Near Me Fountain Hills AZ

Debunking Common Spider Myths     Often, the sight of a creepy crawly spider scaling the wall or hiding in a webbed corner can give people the heebie-jeebies!  Why is... Read More »

Cave Creek Safe Pest Control AZ

Top Tips for Pest-Free Holiday Baking   Holidays means cookies!  Flour and cookie sheets are bound to appear.  The smell of sweets in the kitchen puts the family in the... Read More »

Safe Pest Control in Phoenix AZ

Where Do Ants Hide?     If you have ever seen ants crawling across the kitchen counter or noticed a small trail of black ants on the bathroom floor, you are not alone. ... Read More »

Pest Control Arizona Mesa

Interesting Facts About Pet Pests   When your family spends time together outdoors, it’s not just the kids that bring unwanted pests indoors.  Your animal’s fur is a... Read More »

Pest Control in Phoenix Arizona

Pantry Pests 101 During the holidays, friends and families travel across the country to gather in the kitchen to make their favorite treats.  Nothing can ruin a day faster than opening... Read More »

Mesa Arizona Pest Control

Ticked Off? Prevent Bites With These 5 Tips!     If you plan to spend time outside, enjoying your summer, don’t forget you may need to protect yourself from deer... Read More »

Phx AZ Pest Control

Spider Control for Homeowners       One of the top ranked phobias in America is fear of spiders.  Whether that is an evolutionary trigger or the result of... Read More »

Carefree AZ Pest Control

Interesting Facts About Spiders     All Spiders Produce Silk   There are around 40,000 species of spiders and one things they all have in common is the ability to... Read More »

AZ Carefree Pest Control

A Guide to Spooky Pests       It’s normal to see spiders, bats, and other creepy pests invade your doorstep on Halloween in the form of trick-or-treaters or... Read More »

AZ Cave Creek Pest Control

Rodent-Proofing Your Home       Rodents, just like us, prefer the warm indoors during winter.  And why not?  Even still, no one wants to share their home... Read More »

Fountain Hills Pest Control AZ

How To Get Rid Of Wasps     Wasps are a season pest, and chances are, you are seeing them flying around currently.  They can become quite the nuisance from mid-summer... Read More »

Carefree Pest Control AZ

Keeping Pests Away     Pests love to make themselves welcome anywhere and everywhere!  Here are some tips to help you keep the pests away this summer!  Eat All... Read More »

Cave Creek Pest Control AZ

Keeping Pests Away During Summer Months     There is nothing more frustrating than pests that ruin a picnic!  A line of ants or a swarm of mosquitoes.  Your morning... Read More »

Phoenix Pest Control Arizona

Biting Insects 101: Overview of Pests That Bite     Biting insects like mosquitoes, fleas and ticks are most active during the warm months.  Pests like bed bugs are... Read More »

Mesa Spider Pest Control AZ

5 Common Spiders in United States     There are at least 3000 different spiders found in North America.  Some you will find in your home, others you won’t. ... Read More »

Cave Creek Eco-Friendly Pest Control AZ

6 Pests Lurking In Your Backyard     1.    Red Imported Fire Ants They are found throughout the southern part of the United States.  They build huge... Read More »

Phoenix Eco-Friendly Pest Control AZ

Paper Wasps And Winter     Have you ever seen a wasp flying around the home in the middle of winter and thought to yourself “where in the world did that come... Read More »

Mesa Best Pest Control Company AZ

The Science Behind Fireflies Things You Didn’t Know About Lightning Bugs   While vacationing in the summer months, you may see your children running around in the backyard... Read More »

Fountain Hills Best Pest Control Company AZ

What You Need to Know About Clover Mites       There is nothing lucky about finding a clover mite, despite its lucky “clover” name.  This pest, dark... Read More »

Top Pest Control Company Near Me Phoenix AZ

Mosquito Problems Resolved   If you have a mosquito problem, calling a professional can really help solve it!  Any treatment plan will begin with your pest management... Read More »

Top Pest Control Company Near Me Mesa AZ

All About Mosquitoes     Mosquitoes are classified into the same group as the true flies, Diptera.  They have a single pair of wings with long and thin legs. Their heads... Read More »

Cave Creek AZ Pest Control Company

Rodents   A rodent is a nuisance pest that includes mice, rats, and squirrels.  This type of pest can contaminate food, damage property and also spread disease.  Most... Read More »

Phoenix AZ Pest Control Company

House Mice House mice have a body covered in short hair that is light brown or gray, and their bellies are lighter.  The ears and tail also have hair, although not as much as their... Read More »

Mesa AZ Pest Control Company

Deer Mice   Appearance: · Head: Large black beady eyes and a pointed nose.  Ears are larger with very little fur covering them. · Body:  Petite, round and... Read More »

Pest Control Company in Phoenix AZ

Cotton Rats   Cotton Rats are gray in color, and their ears are well hidden in their furry body.  They are an agricultural pest and can be found throughout the majority of the... Read More »

Pest Control Company in Mesa AZ

Cotton Rats   Appearance: A cotton rat has a bare tail with a head and body that ranges in length from 13.3 to 21.3 cm.  Their bodies are covered with coarse hair and the ears are... Read More »

Best Pest Control Company in Mesa Arizona

5 Tips to Enjoy a Pest-Free Backyard BBQ   Summer will bring some long sunny days and people will be gathering outdoors for summertime fun!  But nothing can ruin a backyard... Read More »

Top Pest Control Company Fountain Hills AZ

Biting Insects, Part 2   Ticks   Ticks are a type of biting pest that is known to suck the blood of its host.  Ticks are arachnids, not insects!  But most people... Read More »

Exterminator Near me Fountain Hills AZ

Biting Insects Some biting bests like mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks will be most active during the warm months.  Bed Bugs are active year round and can become a larger concern with summer... Read More »

Exterminator Near Me Phoenix AZ

What Happens to Pests During the Winter, Part 2?       Cockroaches These pests have been around for millions of years.  They have evolved into some of the most... Read More »

Exterminator Near Me Mesa AZ

What Happens to Pests During the Winter?     When cold weather comes in, bears hibernate, birds migrate south, and we layer up and relax by the fire to stay warm!  But... Read More »

Pest Professional Near Me Phoenix AZ

Mosquitoes Don't "Fall" Away When Summer Ends   Mosquitoes, especially in certain parts of the country, will remain a major pest through the fall months.  The... Read More »

Bee Removal Cave Creek AZ

  Carpenter Bees       A carpenter bee looks like a regular bumblebee, but usually it lacks any yellow stripes.  This is a stinging bee and get’s... Read More »

Bed Bug Exterminator Fountain Hills AZ

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?   Bed Bugs can be found most exclusively with humans, and they are all over the world.  Its often assumed that they come from hotels and motels, the... Read More »

Bed Bug Exterminator Carefree AZ

Bed Bugs     Many believe that bed bug infestations are caused by filthy living conditions.  This is a common misconception.  These nasty bugs are not drawn to... Read More »

Pest control AZ Carefree

  Bees 101     Types of bees University of Arizona has published “Bee Management”.  According to this publication, there are two types of bees:... Read More »

Pest Control Phx AZ

Africanized Honey Bees     The estimation for wild bee colonies in Arizona, is 90% are Africanized Honey Bees (AHB).  Because of this, all wild honey bees in Arizona are... Read More »

AZ Pest Control Mesa

Identifying and Treating a Poisonous Spider Bite   In Arizona, spending time outdoors happens almost year-round; exploring the state by bike riding or walking trails, outdoor concerts, or... Read More »

Arizona Pest Control Near Me Carefree

Keeping the Rats Away   If you have problems with rats in your area (hopefully not your home), follow these simple steps to keep they FAR away from your house!  If you ever need... Read More »

Arizona Pest Control Near Me Phoenix

Are Rats Taking Over Your Home?   If you think you have rats in the house, you have to act fast!!  Rats carry diseases but also will eat their way into your pantry and... Read More »

Arizona Pest Control Near Me Mesa

Do’s and Don’ts for Summer Pests     Summer is coming! This means lots of backyard barbeques, pool splashing and taking summer vacations!  The problem is that... Read More »

Arizona Carefree Pest Control Near Me

Fire Ant Facts     This particular species of ant is reddish-brown in color, lives in a mound (some by the thousands) and probably the worst thing: they are intruders and... Read More »

Arizona Phoenix Pest Control Near Me

Ant Pest Control   Ants are very socialized and very organized!  These six-legged insects form colonies and are found on every single continent and part of the world except for... Read More »

Arizona Pest Control Phoenix

Not So Friendly Pests Giant Mosquitoes Florida was first invaded recently by giant pythons, then giant snails….now it’s giant mosquitoes!  They are about five times the... Read More »

Arizona Pest Control Mesa

Summer Months Bring Summer Pests     Loving the warm weather?  Or is it more like swarm weather?  Summer means encountering some bugs more often.  If you hate... Read More »

AZ Pest Control Near Me Fountain Hills

Summer Bugs   Summer is almost is full swing!  Temperatures will be heating up, we are more active enjoying the warm days and outdoors.  Some of the most active bugs in the... Read More »

AZ Pest Control Near Me Mesa

Arizona Pests     Tarantulas and Spiders Very rarely will you find a tarantula in the home, unless of course, they are pets.  You will, however, find them... Read More »

AZ Pest Control Near Me Phoenix

Pests that call Arizona Home   Termites Arizona sits on top of one of the most active subterranean termite belts that is found in the United States.  Termites build massive... Read More »

AZ Phoenix Pest Control Near Me

Questions for Pest Control Companies      What are the details of the treatment program? You will want to know what chemicals are being used and what the process... Read More »

AZ Mesa Pest Control Near Me

Questions to Ask Your Pest Control Company     Sometimes your personal efforts to control pests at home don’t deliver the results you are needing.  If the pests are... Read More »

Best Pest Control Company near Me Carefree AZ

When Snakes Come In The Home…..     If a snake makes it way into your house, the very first step is to remain calm.  Keep kids and pets as far away as... Read More »

Best Pest Control Company near Me Cave Creek AZ

Snake Control: Safe and Humane Serpent Prevention and Removal   If you don’t like snakes and would like to reduce the likelihood of seeing snakes around the home, it’s... Read More »

Best Pest Control Company Near Me Phoenix AZ

Unexpected House Guests: Where Might You Encounter a Snake at Home?     If you know where a snake might be hiding around the house, it can make seeing one a lot less... Read More »

Pest Control Near Me Phoenix AZ

Safely Observing Serpents, Continued…..   From a distance, start by identifying the body type of the snake.  This is the smartest and simplest way to figure out what... Read More »

Pest Control Near Me Mesa AZ

Safely Observing Serpents     When you could unexpectedly cross paths with a snake in your own yard, or even worse, inside your house, that is an unnerving thing for any... Read More »

Pest Control Phoenix AZ

Startling Facts About Insects   Anywhere you look, you’ll find one, or maybe a dozen, six-legged critters crawling about.  They are a wildly diverse bunch, Insecta, and it... Read More »

Pest Control Mesa AZ

Fun Facts about Insects for Kids     Children love to learn, especially about the things that are truly fascinating.  Insects, are one of those things!  They are... Read More »

Scorpion Pest Control Cave Creek AZ

Where Do Mosquitoes Go in Winter? Many people can’t stand that the final days of summer are approaching and dread the first frigid days of winter.  But one reason some may welcome... Read More »

Scorpion Pest Control Mesa AZ

Identifying Scorpions in Arizona If you live in Arizona, especially in the Phoenix area, you may assume that every scorpion you come across is an Arizona Bark Scorpion.  Your assumption... Read More »

Carefree AZ Best Pest Control Company

  Earth Friendly Rodent Control   Here are some tips to help you keep the rodents away!  If you have fruit trees, keep the fallen fruit picked up. Building a new... Read More »

Cave Creek AZ Best Pest Control Company

A Greener Approach to Rodent Control Chemical Rodenticides have their place and time, but prevention is a much better cure.  Here are some earth friendly rodent control tips:... Read More »

Mesa AZ Best Pest Control Company

Eco Friendly Mice Control   You can buy a mouse or rat at the pet store, and they really do make great pets.  That being said, they are terrible pests to have running around your... Read More »

Bug Infestation Carefree AZ

Carpenter Bees These pests can cause damage to wood, but there are some simple things homeowners can do to keep them away: paint wood and keep outside doors closed.  This will help... Read More »

Carpenter Bees Phoenix AZ

Carpenter Bees   In the United States, there are two categories of carpenter bees; large and small.  Large Carpenter Bee 12-25 mm long Very similar is size and... Read More »

Spider Control Mesa Arizona

Spider Bites During Pregnancy   Most spider bites are harmless, some can be dangerous in normal circumstances.  Allergies, lesions, pus and scars can all occur with a spider... Read More »

Carefree AZ Safe Pest Control

Spiders Life Cycle, Continued There are three stages of maturity in a spider:  egg, spiderling, and adult.  For more information about how spiders handle the egg sac, find out... Read More »

Phx AZ Safe Pest Control

Spiders Life Cycle Spiders, from the smallest jumping spider to the largest tarantula, all have the same general life cycle.  There are three stages of maturity: egg, spiderling, and... Read More »

Safe Pest Control Carefree AZ

What Out for these Dangerous Pests Around Your Pet  Mosquitoes Mosquitoes are a huge outdoor nuisance that can quickly become an indoor problem.  The thing is, it’s... Read More »

Safe Pest Control Mesa AZ

Buggin’ Out   Typically, most dogs love to be outside roaming around and investing the treasures of nature.  The bad news is that many of these treasures are annoying, and... Read More »

Safe Pest Control Phoenix AZ

Sonoran Desert Toad The largest toad in Arizona, the Sonoran Desert Toad, can grow to 7.5 inches or more in length.  It looks like a frog, having a smooth olive-green/brown skin. ... Read More »

Snake Bite Fountain Hills AZ

Snake Bites and the Symptoms If you live in Arizona long enough, the chances of you seeing a snake, are very probable.  Snakes, unless disturbed or threatened, have no intention of being... Read More »

Snake Bite Cave Creek AZ

Snake Bites Around 7000 venomous snake bite cases happen, or at least are reported, every year in the United States.  Being bit from a venomous snake is rarely deadly.  Around 6... Read More »

Insect Bite Phoenix AZ

Insect 911 For Dogs Man’s best friend, the dog!  When our fur babies suffer, we do to!  Dogs are notorious for being nosey creatures, and nosey creatures tend to get into... Read More »

Insect Bite Mesa AZ

First Aid For Insect Stings In Dogs If you own a dog, you already know that they are nosy creatures who sniff anything that interests them.  Insects?  Well, they are pretty... Read More »

Arizona Pest Control for Spiders Mesa

Spider Facts   There are studies out there that say you are never more than 10 feet away from a spider.  There are even some that estimate that you are as close as 3 feet at all... Read More »

Desert Pest Control Fountain Hills AZ

3 Common Spider in Maricopa County Hate to break the news to you, but spiders are EVERYWHERE!  Studies have shown that you are never more than 10 feet (some studies say 3 feet) away from... Read More »

Desert Pest Control Mesa AZ

4 COMMON SPIDERS YOU MIGHT SEE IN PHOENIX Some of the most sneakiest pests you may see in your Phoenix home?  Spiders!  They are nocturnal, which means they come out at night after... Read More »

AZ Best Rated Pest Control Company Phoenix

Arizona Bugs, Cont’d…….. Arizona is made up of the beautiful and mysterious desert.  It includes some amazing creatures and insects, some harmful, some not. ... Read More »

Best Pest Control Company in AZ Carefree

Arizona Bugs Because Arizona is home to the desert, people have a tendency to think that everything in this great state will kill you, insects and arachnids included.  The truth is, most... Read More »

Best Pest Control Company in AZ Cave Creek

Dangerous Creatures Found in Arizona   The Desert is home to some glorious creatures.  It is also home to creatures that can leave quite a trail of annoyance and... Read More »

Best Pest Control Company in Mesa AZ

Dangerous Creatures that call Arizona Home   The Arizona desert is home to many creepy crawly creatures.  Within this desert there are harmless ones…….but also some... Read More »

Bird Problem in Cave Creek AZ

Common Bird Problems in Arizona, Part 2 #2, The Sparrow The House Sparrow is the #2 Urban Pest Bird.  When it came to North America, it quickly populated because of its lack of... Read More »

Bird Problem in Mesa AZ

Common Bird Pests in Arizona The Native Arizona birds like the Cactus Wren, Finches, and Cardinals are beautiful and amazing!  We enjoy seeing them when we are out and about at the park... Read More »

Bed Bug Bite Phoenix AZ

 Bed Bugs…….are they Dangerous?   Bed bugs are definitely a nuisance, but they aren’t usually dangerous.   Bed bugs have been with us since pretty much... Read More »

Bed Bug Bite Mesa AZ

BED BUG BASICS Bed Bugs get their name from usually always being in close proximity to beds.  Bed bugs need a warm-blooded animal or mammal to survive.  It only takes about 35 days... Read More »

Pest Control in Arizona Mesa

Tips for Treating Mosquito Bites 1.    Clean with Rubbing Alcohol If you catch the bite soon, quickly wipe the bite soon with rubbing alcohol.  Alcohol has a cooling... Read More »

Pest Control in Cave Creek AZ

Great Black Wasp Appearance   The Great Black Wasp, as its name infers, is very large for a wasp.  It is black and contains no colored stripes, spots, or other patterns on the... Read More »

Pest Control in AZ Fountain Hills

Why do mosquito bites itch? Every year people get bit by mosquitoes.  Some hardly notice the bite, but others have a far different reaction.  When the mosquito bites, it draws blood... Read More »

Pest Control in Mesa AZ

Lovebugs If you have ever drove down the highways in the southern part of the United States, you may encounter a nuisance in the form of splattered insects all over your windshield, hood, and... Read More »

Wildlife Management Mesa AZ

Living With Bats In Arizona there are 28 species of bats—more than almost any other state.  Bats are the only flying mammal and are very valuable to humans.  They are the... Read More »

Wildlife Management Phoenix AZ

Living With Wildlife In Arizona, you can expect to see many different species of wildlife.  It seems more and more wild animals are venturing into areas where people live. ... Read More »

AZ Carefree Pest Control Near Me

Herb Garden Pests, Continued……   Make sure to check out the previous article for a bit more information!  But, below you will find some of the most common herb insects... Read More »

Arizona Phx Pest Control Near Me

Herb Garden Pests I recently had my father make me the most beautiful tiered herb garden.  I filled it with my favorite herbs like basil, thyme, rosemary, chives, oregano….and... Read More »

Pest Control Near Me AZ Carefree

All About the Mud Dauber If you have ever encountered an insect that looks like a wasp but it has yellow and black color, typical wasp body with a long and narrow waist, a stinger and the... Read More »

Pest Control Near Me AZ Phoenix

Locating Wasp’s Nest Just recently I was working in my backyard.  It’s summertime, in July……and we were putting together a swing set of all things!  Some... Read More »

Arizona Pest Control Phoenix

Little-known Facts Related to Ticks Summer is here, and with summer comes more time outdoors!  But with summer, that also means you will have quality time with some of nature’s... Read More »

Pest Control for Gardens Mesa AZ

Pest Control For Herbs Its summer…….and your herbs are growing beautifully!  But have you ever went to clip a few basil leaves and there seems to be one too many bugs fly... Read More »

Wasp Pest Control Near Me Cave Creek AZ

Ground Wasps Appearance: This term includes a huge variety of different species.  Because of this, the appearance of a ground wasp will differ greatly.  The two most recognizable... Read More »

Wasp Pest Control Near Me Mesa AZ

When Wasps Take Up Residence in Your Brick When wasps decide to take up residence inside your walls, it can be one of the most difficult types of nests to remove, mainly, because it is hard... Read More »

Bed Bug Problem Carefree AZ

Keeping the Bed Bugs Away! Check out our previous article “Don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite” for the first couple of tips!  Summer means traveling….and often times... Read More »

Bed Bug Problem Phoenix AZ

Don't let the bedbugs bite Traveling a lot this summer?  It might be best to beware, especially if you are sleeping somewhere other than home.  Bed Bugs are on the rise---and... Read More »

Cave Creek Spider Pest Control AZ

Taking Care of Spiders Pride on the Outside Your home should be your pride and joy!  Take care of it!  When you neglect your property around your home, you make it bug... Read More »

Phx AZ Pest Control

HOW TO KILL SPIDERS three DIFFERENT WAYS   Spider control isn’t really necessary unless you have poisonous spiders, a big population, or a full-on spider infestation.  If... Read More »

Mesa AZ Bee Removal

All About the Bumble Bee   These fuzzy creatures may display a buzzy bumbling flight pattern, but these bees are super clever and have superior pollination abilities!  They can... Read More »

Fire Ant Problem Mesa AZ

How Do Ants Find Food Have you ever wondered how an ant finds food you left out so quickly?  Sugar has a slight odor, especially granulated beet sugar.  All species of ants can... Read More »

Arizona Phoenix Best Pest Control Company

Diamondback Rattlesnake Facts In Arizona, rattlesnakes are very common, especially if you live close to the desert.  Here are some facts that you need to know about Diamondback... Read More »

Mesa AZ Snake Removal

Diamondback Rattlesnake Appearance: This snake, the Diamondback Rattlesnake is the largest venomous snake in North America.  They can grow to be eight feet long and weigh up to 10... Read More »

Tick Pest Control Carefree AZ

Myth Busters……..Fleas and Ticks!   For centuries fleas and ticks have been around wreaking havoc.  They are a source of discomfort and disease.  Experts have... Read More »

Mesa AZ Bird Control

Birds: Facts, Identification & Control When you have a bird problem it can lead to losing business, contamination and even expensive damage to a building exterior.  There a certain... Read More »

Tick Pest Control Fountain Hills, AZ

Ticks…..All About Them and Some Tips to Control Them!  The word “ticks”…….just the thought can make you shudder.  These guys are members of the... Read More »

Commercial Pest Control Phoenix AZ

Flies and the Workplace All it takes for your work facility to develop a fly infestation is one rotten banana.  Flies are stubborn little pests that can undermine any business’s... Read More »

Mosquito Control Fountain Hills, AZ

Best Mosquito Repellent  So, you’ve cleaned up your outdoor spaces and made them less friendly for mosquitoes (get rid of standing water)……but what other options can... Read More »

Mosquito Control Phoenix AZ

  Most Effective Way To Repel Mosquitoes Mosquitoes are terrible.  They fly around during the spring/summer/fall and search for animals or people to bite and suck out their... Read More »

Snake Removal Fountain Hills, AZ

Keeping Snakes Away Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, especially when it comes to Snake Control.  Here are some options available to you: Option 1: ... Read More »

Wildlife Removal Mesa AZ

Arizona Rattlesnakes   Here are some Rattlesnake Facts: Scientists have now identified 36 species of Rattlesnakes They live only in North and South America There are 13... Read More »

Phoenix Spider Pest Control AZ

Spiders in Garage Garages are a must for most homeowners. But spiders living in them?  Not so much!  A garage is a favorite hiding space for spiders---they are dark and most often... Read More »

Eco Friendly Pest Control AZ Phx

Tips to Keep the Spider Away, the Natural Way! Spiders are everywhere and there isn’t much we can do about that.  The are a wonderful pest control in the garden, but who wants... Read More »

Arizona Mesa Pest Control

Spiders Gone From the Home Here are a few more tips that are chemical free and can help keep spiders away from the house!    Mint Mint is wonderful in food and... Read More »

Arizona Phx Pest Control

Keeping Spiders Away Spider are everywhere---and are part of life. Yes, some a scary and some can be very poisonous, but they also are a very beneficial form of pest control in the... Read More »

Phoenix AZ Pest Control Company Near Me

15 Minute Pest Control Clean Up Your Kitchen Plan to set aside 15 minutes of every single day to wipe down your countertops.  Vinegar is a great chemical to use!  It will remove... Read More »

Bee Problem Mesa AZ

Identifying Africanized Honey Bees (AHB) These bees have also earned the name, killer bees, because of their aggressive nature.  These are a hybrid honey bee that was created by a... Read More »

Pest Control Company Around Phoenix AZ

Mud Dauber VS Wasp Do you know the difference?  Mud daubers are a type of wasp, but there are so many things that set them apart from the typical wasp.  Both of these creatures are... Read More »

Environment Friendly Pest Control Mesa AZ

Pests that Wreak Havoc on your Garden, Continued If you garden, chances are, that garden is babied!  It takes time, and quite a lot of effort to keep a pest free garden.  There is... Read More »

Environment Friendly Pest Control Carefree AZ

Pests that Wreak Havoc on your Garden Even the most organic gardener does not like insects that destroy those beautiful fruits and vegetables.  The good thing is, you can keep away these... Read More »

Pest Control Professional Near Me Cave Creek AZ

The Don’ts for Summer Time Summer is approaching quick!  The temperature is already feeling like early summer, and it is only March!  Summer brings loads of fun for... Read More »

Professional Pest Control Company Phoenix AZ

The Do’s for Summertime Pest Control Summer is quickly approaching……in Arizona, the temperature is already beginning to feel like Summer!  Summer is a time for some... Read More »

AZ Cave Creek Pest Control Near Me

Keeping Your Restaurant Pest Free If you think you are alone in battling pests at your restaurant, think again.  Every restaurant battles pests----but some, win the battle easily,... Read More »

AZ Carefree Pest Control

Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Pest FREE Employee Entrances First things first.  When staff starts to arrive for their shift, have them stay away from an “open-door... Read More »

Pest Control Phoenix AZ

Pest Control for Restaurants When spring rolls around, this typically means an increase in business for restaurants—especially those wanting to dine on the patio.  But with spring,... Read More »

AZ Scorpion Pest Control Cave Creek

Scorpions When people think of “Arizona pests”, scorpions are usually first on the list!  Bark Scorpions are the only poisonous species located in North America and... Read More »

AZ Termite Pest Control Phoenix

Termites These nasty guys strike fear into the hearts of homeowner.  Arizona is the home to four termite species, but the most prevalent is the desert subterranean termite. ... Read More »

AZ Pest Control Mesa

5 Tips for Spring  Remove Standing Water/Fix Leaks Bugs love water so any water source close to the house will attract those nasty pests.  If the roof is leaking or there... Read More »

Pest Control Near Me Phoenix AZ

Stink Bugs Stink bugs belong to the Hemiptera family.  Their mouths have a piercing sucking part and then straight antennae.  Almost all stink bugs have a shield shape.  Most... Read More »

Carefree Arizona Best Pest Control Company

Pest Control Tips for the Home Summer is fast approaching!  With summer time comes flies, mosquitos, spiders…….you name it!  Summer should be lovely for you, but these... Read More »

Mesa Arizona Best Pest Control Company

Tips for Pest Control Summer is fastly approaching!  And with summer, comes the pesky insects!  Here are some tips for some of the most common insects that love to invade your home... Read More »

Tick Pest Control Phoenix AZ

All About Ticks There are a variety of colors/sizes when it comes to Ticks.  An adult tick can be smaller than a sunflower seed, but then over 1 cm long if they are engorged with... Read More »

Phx Pest Control AZ

Finding the Queen  Know What The Queen Looks Like Most will say that the Queen, her Royal Majesty, is the largest bee in the hive.  There are some very large Queen’s... Read More »

Cricket Pest Control Carefree AZ

Controlling Crickets In and Around the Home Centipedes, millipedes, and crickets are considered to be occasional invaders of the home and other buildings.  Crickets prefer to live... Read More »

AZ Pest Control Company Near Me Mesa

Cock Roaches In The Home I don’t know anyone who would want to take the blame for a roach infestation in the home.  To admit that your house or apartment has roaches is like... Read More »

Mesa AZ Scorpion Pest Control

    Identifying A Bark Scorpion There are roughly 30 different species of scorpions in the Phoenix Valley......the most venomous however, is the Bark Scorpion.   When... Read More »

Arizona Fountain Hills Best Pest Control Company

Such A Big Problem in Such a Small Package Standing in your kitchen and you see a shadow move from out of the corner of your eye….no big deal.  But then, you start to see... Read More »

Phoenix Scorpion Pest Control AZ

What To Do When Your Pet Is Stung By A Scorpion In the United States, the greatest cause for concern with Scorpions is the Bark Scorpion.  This small creature is extremely poisonous and... Read More »

Scorpion Exterminator Near Me Cave Creek AZ

Pets and Scorpion Stings Man’s best friend?  Most would say a dog…..and there are the few out there that would say cat……..but we all know the real truth. ... Read More »

Phoenix Pest Control Near Me AZ

How Serious Are Bed Bugs While they may not pose an immediate danger, they reproduce rather quickly and live quite a long time.  The females can deposit one to five eggs every day; and... Read More »

Best Pest Control by Me Mesa AZ

Bed Bugs Appearance Bed bugs are flat, reddish-brown in color, oval shaped and up to 4 to 5 millimeters long; about the size of an apple seed.  After they have had a blood meal, they... Read More »

Phoenix Best Pest Control Company AZ

Are Wasps Dangerous The actual wasp nest is not dangerous.  If you have discovered one that is out of the way, it is likely to not cause any harm.  It all depends on what type of... Read More »

Cave Creek Pest control Arizona

Your Questions Answered About Wasps Winter is here…..and summertime is just around the corner.  With summer comes picnics…..and wasps!  When you see more than one or... Read More »

Phoenix Arizona Pest Control

Follow These Tips to Keep the Pests Away Maintain Your Lawn When the lawn overgrows, it is the perfect place for pests and their nests.  So keep the bushes trimmed, leaves raked... Read More »

Mesa Arizona Top Pest Control Company

Tips To Keep the Pests Away I’m not sure there is anything that could ruin a picnic like ants.  And nothing will ruin a barbecue like being bit a gazillion times by... Read More »

Arizona Cave Creek Pest Control

All About the House Mouse The house mouse can reproduce very quickly.  One female alone can produce at least eight litters a year, with each littler having at least six pups.  The... Read More »

Fountain Hills Pest Control Company Near Me AZ

Cute Little Mice Yes, they can be cute……but, no one wants them taking up residence in the house!  If you see a house mouse, there could be more!  House mice have... Read More »

AZ Phoenix Best Pest Control Company

COMMON SPIDERS YOU MIGHT SEE IN PHOENIX Whether we like it or not, Spiders are everywhere…..and are some of the sneakiest pests you will find in your phoenix home!  Spiders are... Read More »

AZ Mesa Pest Control

The Truth About Daddy Long Legs  Daddy long legs aren’t Spiders.  True or False? True!  While they are considered arachnids……keep in mind so is a... Read More »

Arizona Fountain Hills Pest Control

BLACK WIDOW SPIDER Just when you thought Spider’s couldn’t get any scarier… see (like I did) an awfully large spider dangling from your garage door.  Yep, you... Read More »

Mesa Pest Control AZ

All About Earwigs There is a superstition that some people believe about Earwigs; they like to burrow in people’s ears while they sleep.  This is a MYTH and has absolutely no... Read More »

Mesa Arizona Pest Control

What Attracts Flies? You are getting ready to have a family BBQ……..not a fly in sight……then you start bringing out the food, and all the sudden they are... Read More »

Fountain Hills Arizona Best Pest Control Company

Flies: Facts, Identification & Control Flies are really disgusting insects.  There are more than 100 pathogens associated with the house fly alone.  Some include Salmonella,... Read More »

Cave Creek Pest Control AZ

Gnat Problems So there’s a small fly, flying around your kitchen.  No big deal right?  Maybe you even killed it super easy……..but then later that evening,... Read More »

Fountain Hills Pest Control AZ

Signs of a Gnat Infestation I love to grocery shop.  There is something “peaceful” to me about coming home… out the fridge and organizing it with delicious... Read More »

Mesa Pest Control Service AZ

All About Gnats I love summertime.  Mainly because of the delicious fruit that is readily available at local Farmer Markets.  You get that ripe fruit home……store... Read More »

Mesa AZ Pest Control Near Me

Questions for Your Pest Control Company Sometimes we can try our best when it comes to keeping pests away from the home---but our best doesn’t always work to deliver the desired... Read More »

Carefree AZ Pest Control Near Me

More Steps to Take If you missed our previous article, “Steps to Take After Pest Control”, make sure to check it out.  Here are a few more steps to consider: Step 3: ... Read More »

Mesa AZ Exterminator Near Me

Steps to Take After Pest Control Service So, you have already taken the steps and arranged for pest control to visit your home and get rid of all the insects that have been bugging you and... Read More »

#mesapestcontrol AZ

Arizona Pests If you aren’t from Arizona, you may think that all we have our scary insects, and a really hot sun!  Well……we do have some, but not as many as you would... Read More »

Exterminator near me Mesa AZ

Arizona Bugs If you aren’t from Arizona, people tend to think that everyone that is found in Arizona will kill you…..insects, arachnids, the sun….you name it.  But... Read More »

Pest Control in Phoenix AZ

Keeping the Garden Pests Away I planted some herbs, vegetables, and fruits not to long ago…..and boy did they take off!  Especially the cucumbers.  But not to long after... Read More »

Carefree AZ Pest Control

Keeping the Pests Out Of Your Garden Gardening can be such a rewarding thing!  Growing your own fruits and vegetables…..but I have discovered also, that is it HARD... Read More »

Cave Creek AZ Pest Control

Garden Pests Who doesn’t love the idea of a beautiful garden!  Full of delicious organic fruits and vegetables……it really doesn’t get any better than that! You... Read More »

Pest Control Company Near Me Mesa AZ

All About RattleSnakes Throughout the world, there are many venomous snakes, that when they bite, their bite can be fatal to humans.  In the United States, there are four of these... Read More »

Pest Control Company Near Me Fountain Hills, AZ

Ground Squirrels Thirteen-lined ground squirrels are shorter, have a less bushy tail, and live underground.  Often times in the Midwest, they are known as gophers.  These ground... Read More »

Mosquito Pest Control Mesa AZ

It Starts with Larval Control Having a mosquito problem?  Often times we forget…….mosquito problems exist because we aren’t effectively removing the larval. ... Read More »

Rodent Control Near Me Fountain Hills

Preventing Mice From Getting In The Home Often times, prevention is the key to fixing a problem…..before there is one to fix!  Mice will find a place where they feel most... Read More »

Mouse in my House Mesa AZ

Getting Rid of Mice in the House I’m not sure it gets any worse than opening up your kitchen cabinet, only to see something scurry across the back on of the cabinet.  Nothing will... Read More »

Pigeon Control Companies Cave Creek AZ

Controlling those Pesky Pigeons   Pigeons seem to make their homes anywhere----but a likely space is on rooftops and ledges.  There are several options to try when it comes to... Read More »

Pigeon Control Companies Phoenix AZ

Pesky Pigeons Pigeons are cute….and super fun to feed.  They are gentle birds, and really aren’t too afraid of people.  But, when these nice-looking birds start to get... Read More »

Local Pest Control Mesa AZ

What is a Cicada? You may think what you have seen is a grasshopper---cicadas and grasshoppers are very similar.  Just like the grasshopper, they will not harm humans or... Read More »

Termite Pest Control Phoenix AZ

How to Protect Your Home from Termites Termites will always be a threat to any home---but there are things that you can do during the year to help your local termite control company be more... Read More »

Ant Pest Control Cave Creek, AZ

Why Do Ants Have Wings? Not to long ago, I noticed an ant pile in my backyard---and when I looked a bit close, it looked like flies!  But to my amazement, it was ants…..with... Read More »

Termite Pest control Fountain Hills, AZ

All You Need To Know About Termites The silent destroyer……termites……they can be secretly hiding and growing larger by the day in your home or yard…..and... Read More »

Bird Pest Control Mesa AZ

To Help or Not To Help……That is the Question! Sometime in your life, will find yourself stumble upon a baby bird out of its nest.  Depending on it the bird is nestling or... Read More »

Bird Problem Cave Creek AZ

Baby Bird Needs Help This past summer, I found myself having to rescue 2 different baby birds that were in our backyard.  The first one was SO little……I believe the wind... Read More »

Wasp Pest Control Carefree AZ

Wasps, Hornets, And Yellow Jackets The Valley is filled with all sorts of pests, especially wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. Identifying them can be tricky, but here is some information to... Read More »

Spider Pest Control Fountain Hills, AZ

Black Widow Spider How dangerous are these things?  And how can you keep them away from you!  Let’s take a closer look! IF a black widow spider has bit you or someone you... Read More »

Spider Pest Control Cave Creek AZ

A Close Look At A Black Widow Spider Just about a week ago, I was cleaning around the BBQ grill, and pulled it away from the wall……and then jumped about 100 feet in the... Read More »

Pest Control Fountain Hills AZ

All About Wasps Arizona is filled with pests…….the climate and landscaping is a huge attraction to so many different species.  Within the wasps, hornets, and yellow... Read More »

Pest Control Company Near Me Phoenix AZ

What Kind Of Scorpion Is That?  Most people in Arizona assume that all scorpions are the same----that, however, is not the case.  In Arizona you will find the Arizona Bark Scorpion,... Read More »

Pest Control Company Phoenix AZ

Scorpions If you are in the Phoenix area, or surrounding areas, when you see a scorpion, you might just assume that it is an Arizona Bark Scorpion.  That is not necessarily the case.... Read More »

Pest Control Company Mesa AZ

Identifying Scorpions Contrary to popular belief, there are other species of Scorpions in Arizona, besides the Arizona Bark Scorpion. Most likely when you come across a scorpion in your home... Read More »

Find Me A Pest Control Company Mesa AZ

The Ant Life Cycle An ant has four different life stages it must go through to be in complete metamorphosis; egg, larvae, pupae, and adult.  Depending on the species of ant and the... Read More »

Find Me A Pest Control Company Cave Creek AZ

Identifying and Controlling Ants Controlling ants can be very difficult, but there are somethings that you need to know about ants’ behavior and how their behavior can lead to big... Read More »

Controlling Fire Ants Phoenix AZ

Controlling Fire Ants Surprisingly, fire ants are not native to North America, but this red imported fire ant has become a nuisance throughout all the southern states, and even as far north... Read More »

Fire Ant Problem Fountain Hills AZ

  All About Fire Ants Fire Ants are reddish in color, and range from 1.6 millimeters to 5 millimeters in length.  Fire Ants are usually found in the ground, and sometimes a nest... Read More »

Pest Control For Garden Fountain Hills, AZ

Controlling Crickets In Your Garden The chirping of a cricket, some find very peaceful. Heck!  The sound of chirping crickets has even made its way onto Sleep Apps. But for some, the... Read More »

Spider Pest Control Services Carefree, AZ

Arizona Brown Spider   The Arizona Spider, also known as the Brown Recluse Spider, is one of the only three common spiders in the US that actually have venom.  The other two are... Read More »

Best Pest Control Company In My Area Mesa AZ

Rattlesnake Season in Arizona Did you even know there was such a thing as a “season” for snakes?  Well, if you didn’t, you must know it is in full swing in... Read More »

Flea Pest Control Fountain Hills, AZ

Questions You May Have About Fleas Have you ever seen a flea on your pet?  They are super fast, and they usually aren’t something you can just grab and remove.  Do Fleas... Read More »

Flea Pest Control Cave Creek AZ

Worried About Fleas?  Signs They Might Be A Problem   There are several things to look for, when it comes to flea activity.  One of the most common is pets that keep... Read More »

Flea Pest Control Phoenix AZ

Cycle of Fleas Although fleas are great at hiding in pet fur, once you know what you are looking for, they are pretty easy to spot when they are in their adult stage.  Adult fleas are... Read More »

Flea Control Mesa AZ

Identifying & Controlling Fleas   There is nothing quite like seeing a flea on your pet or in your home that will make you squirm just a bit.  Recently, my labradoodle was around... Read More »

Bird Control Phoenix AZ

Bird Problems   Birds are beautiful creatures.  Because birds migrate, in the springtime many of them will be looking for a new place to be their home and a place to build their... Read More »

Honey Bee Removal Carefree AZ

Most Common Bee In Arizona In Arizona, you will find that it is home to many different types of bees.  In the world, there are around 20,000 different species.  Probably the only... Read More »

Bee Removal Near Me Cave Creek AZ

.    Encountering Bees—What You Should Know Bees in Your Area   Not every bee situation you see or hear about is an emergency.  A lot of the time, bees will... Read More »

Wasp Pest Control Phoenix AZ

Do You Have A Wasp Infestation? Wasps can become a big problem, fast!  They are so good at hiding their nest, and even being extremely protective of their area in some cases. ... Read More »

Wasp Pest Control Mesa AZ

All About Wasps The wasp species varies greatly.  Most all wasps have two pairs of wings and also a pinched waist.  Their colors can range anywhere from black, to metallic greens and... Read More »

Scorpion Pest Control Near Me Mesa AZ

Arizona Bark Scorpion   This common scorpion is found in the Sonoran Desert, located in the southwest United States and Northwestern Mexico.  It is light brown in color, and the... Read More »

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs Cave Creek AZ

Treating Bed Bugs There are several ways to treat an infestation of bed bugs; using chemicals and non-chemical treatments.  Non-Chemical  Wash and dry all bedding,... Read More »

Scorpion Exterminator Phoenix AZ

All You Need To Know About Scorpions Without a doubt, Arizona is a place where you will find scorpions.  There are even people out there who don’t want to avoid scorpions, instead,... Read More »

Fly exterminator phoenix az

All About Drain Flies   Drain flies are about 1.5 to 5 millimeters long and have a light grey or tan body. Their wings are even lighter than their body.  Their bodies and wings are... Read More »

bed bug pest control Carefree AZ

All About Bed Bugs   Bed Bug infestations are on the rise; biting children and adults at home or hotels…..but it doesn’t stop just there.  They also have been known to... Read More »

Bed Bug Pest Control Phoenix AZ

Tips for Preventing A Bed Bug Infestation   Sometimes we fail to due diligence when it comes to protecting our home……most often, we fail to even realize how easy it is for... Read More »

fly exterminator mesa az

6 Ways To Kill Fruit Flies   I love spring and summer!  All the fresh fruit start to fill the markets, and there is nothing I love more than to nibble on a fresh strawberry! ... Read More »

Bed Bug Pest Control Near Me Fountain Hills, AZ

Get Rid Of Those Bed Bugs Fast!   Like most pets, bed bugs multiply fast.  So if you see one or two, chances are there are much more hiding that you are unaware of.  But the key... Read More »

Bed Bug Pest Control Cave Creek AZ

Get Rid of those pesky Bed Bugs Fast!   Bed bugs, like any other pest, can cause a person to experience an allergic reaction.  There are people out there who are allergic to the bite... Read More »

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide Mesa AZ

Reasons You Can’t Wait When It Comes to Getting Rid of Bed Bugs   They Bite.  When you tell your kids at night, “good night, sleep tight!  Don’t let the... Read More »

Mosquito Control Cave Creek AZ

Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Me? Mosquitoes are attracted to a number of different things that humans do and produce.  One of the most attractive things to a mosquito is our breath,... Read More »

How Do Exterminators Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Fountain Hills AZ

Why Do Mosquito’s Bite Some People, but not Others?    Have you ever wondered why you are all bit up with mosquito bites, but it seems other people you are with, didn’t... Read More »

Mosquito Pest Control Phoenix AZ

Protecting Yourself From Mosquito’s That Spread Ziko Virus   I am not sure there is any more annoying pest alive, than a mosquito.  Controlling mosquitos is a must, not only to... Read More »

Wolf Spiders Around My Home Mesa AZ

Controlling Spiders In Your Home Contrary to what you might think, some of the most common spiders in the United States are not dangerous at all, and are actually very beneficial.  Spider... Read More »

Spider exterminator near me fountain hills, az

All You Need to Know About Wolf Spiders Wolf Spiders are one of the most common spiders found in the United States.  They can live just about anywhere that insects can be found.  You... Read More »

Spider exterminator Cave Creek AZ

Identifying the Wolf Spider I hate spiders.  Plain and simple.  The older I’ve gotten, it seems the more jumpier and squeamish I am when it comes to spiders.  Living in... Read More »

Ant exterminator near me Carefree AZ

Common Questions about Ants, continued Concerns or questions about ants, especially winged ants?  Sometimes seeing a winged ant can represent a problem, but other times, especially if you... Read More »

ant exterminator phoenix az

Common Questions about Ants   Have you seen an abundance of ants near, around, or in your home?  Are you worried you might have a problem?  Sadly, you are not alone! ... Read More »

ant exterminator near me Scottsdale AZ

Carpenter Ants It is very common to confuse carpenter ants and termites.  But what you need to know and remember is both can cause damage to the home, and both need to be treated by a... Read More »

Ant Exterminator Mesa AZ

Flying Ants?  Not A Good Sign……. As if ants weren’t bad enough, but flying ants in the home?  Never a good thing…..especially if they are seen during the... Read More »

Pest Control Services San Tan Valley AZ

Keep the Lawn Green and The Bugs Out     My husband is constantly in the yard this summer…..he did get a zero turn lawn mower.  I’m interested to see how long he... Read More »

fly exterminator chandler az

Summer Pests, Get them Under Control   Everyone love’s summer. I’m not a huge fan…….I love spring, but when the weather starts really changing towards summer, my... Read More »

Mosquito exterminators mesa az

Pesky Mosquitos On facebook the other day, a memory popped up that I had shared 2 years ago, right after moving to Louisiana.  It said “When you really want to slap someone, slap them... Read More »

Bed Bug Exterminator Mesa AZ

Bed Bugs Biting Bed bugs used to be a thing of the past……and were almost a non-issue all together.  Ever heard the saying “good night!  Sleep tight! ... Read More »

exterminators around me avondale az

Itsy Bitsy Spider   There is problem nothing that will make me jump faster than a spider.  Well, I take that back……I’m from Arizona, so a scorpion will make me... Read More »

exterminators around me gilbert az

Outdoor Ant Problems   Ants can be a problem anywhere because they can get anywhere!  They are so tiny, and really quite smart (except about carrying bait back to their... Read More »

exterminators around me San Tan Valley AZ

Ants in Your Pants………   If there is one thing in life I can not stand……well, there is WAY more than one thing….but, seriously, I can’t... Read More »

Moth Pest Control Phoenix AZ

Moth Control   I remember as a kid hanging out in my moms closet while she tried on clothes to get rid of them.  She would pull out a shirt, try it on, and then discover a small hole... Read More »

Bird Removal Mesa AZ

Pretty Little Birds   Often times when we hear the words “pest control” we think of people who exterminate bed bugs, scorpions, and spiders.  We don’t usually think... Read More »

Gopher Removal Phoenix AZ

Gopher 101   Sometimes it can be very hard to determine what type of animal is being a nuisance around your home.  However, figuring out if a Gopher is the problem, is fairly... Read More »

Cheap Exterminators Mesa AZ

Getting Rid Of Bees    I don’t know about you, but I despise bees.  Yes they pollinate and give us beautiful flowers and delicious honey…….but I can’t... Read More »

cheap Exterminators Near Me Gilbert AZ

Rats & Mice……..Not so Cute   My daughter has been wanting a small pet recently…..she has bounced around all ideas from rabbits, guinea pigs,... Read More »

Treating Bed Bugs Phoenix AZ

Bed Bugs   Every night I put my children to bed.  They get drinks, use the bathroom, say our prayers together…….then there is that phrase “good night!  Sleep... Read More »

Cheap Exterminators Near Me San Tan Valley, AZ

Pesky Lawn Problems   Having a beautiful lawn filled with plush green grass is every man’s fantasy!  My husband just invested in this zero-turn radius riding lawn mower and now... Read More »

Termite Pest Control San Tan Valley, AZ

Troublesome Termites   Critters may surround your home…..skunks, raccoons, spiders…….but probably the worst offender and troublesome, are termites.  They cause... Read More »

Pest Control Near Me Fountain Hills AZ

Raccoon Problems   Ever have that annoying relative that shows up uninvited, eats all your leftovers, and leaves your home a mess?  Cute and furry as they may be, raccoons can be... Read More »

Cheap Exterminators Phoenix AZ

Organic Options   Chemical pesticides can be dangerous, and more and more people are flocking to an alternative option.  Pesticides can pose a risk to your health, your family, pets,... Read More »

Cheap Exterminators Gilbert AZ

Earwigs, Indoor & Outdoor   There is a myth, I’ve heard it, and you probably have, too.  Earwigs crawl in your ear when you are sleeping at night---causing a fever and... Read More »

Cockroaches In My House Phoenix AZ

Getting Those Roaches Under Control   Having coackroaches is usually always despised by everyone, but some homeowners aren’t crazy about the idea of using dangerous insecticides and... Read More »

Bats In My Attic Mesa AZ

Do You Have A Bat Problem?   Any pest has a role to play that is important to a local ecosystem, and bats are no exception.  Did you know that bats can eat up to 1000 insects every... Read More »

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Prep Sheet (Valley Wide in AZ)

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Prep Sheet   Furniture and clutter should be pulled away from walls at least 4 inches. Do not use any pesticide bombs, foggers or sprays prior to heat... Read More »

Hiding Habits for Bed Bugs Phoenix, AZ

BED BUG HIDING HABITS   As their name implies, bed bugs are commonly associated with areas where we sleep but may spread to adjacent rooms. Bed bugs are drawn to humans by the CO2 we... Read More »

Physical Signs You May Have Bed Bugs Fountain Hills, AZ

PHYSICAL SIGNS YOU MAY HAVE BED BUGS   FECAL STAINS (POOP) This sign of bed bugs is fecal (poop) droppings or stains. The larger the infestation, the greater amount of these will be... Read More »

What's Eating Your Roots? Surprise, AZ

What's Eating the Roots of my Plants?   Some species of aphids actually live in the root zone of plants, feeding on the roots instead of the foliage. These most often will be woolly... Read More »

Spruce Gall Aphid Damages Branches El Mirage, AZ

Spruce Gall Aphid Damages Branches   The most damaging kinds of aphids may be the species that attack trees, such as the Spruce Gall Aphid. The feeding of these aphids on the developing... Read More »

Most Aphids Eat Leaves Mesa, AZ

Most Aphids Eat Leaves   Most of the aphids will be those that feed on the leaves, stems, or buds of plants, and are not hidden within protective wax, galls, or rolled leaves. This... Read More »

Psyllids are a Problem!!! San Tan, AZ

What is that sticky stuff on my car?  Bugs!   These insects may be second in importance to the aphids, and they look very much like a tiny cicada. Psyllids are a serious problem... Read More »

Important Leaf Damaging Pests Scottsdale, AZ

Important Leaf Damaging Pests There are tiny, yellow insects that can feed on either the foliage or the roots of grapes. They start as tiny nymphs on the roots, moving to the foliage in the... Read More »

Bed Bug Life Cycles Phoenix, AZ

                                                       ... Read More »

People Unlimited is Life Transforming!!!

People Unlimited is Life Transforming! By: Lisa Miller People Unlimited is not only an organization; it is a community of people. It is people coming together regularly - meeting twice... Read More »

Predators and Parasite of Aphids

Another beneficial predator of aphids other than LADY BUGs and LACE WINGS, is the larva of flies called Syrphid flies, in the family Syrphidae. These flies also may be called hover flies or... Read More »

Lady Bugs are Beneficial Bugs – and no friends of Aphids

It is not our goal to kill all living creatures in someone’s garden at Lady Bug Eco-Friendly Pest Control, and when you kill the beneficial bugs and other organisms it will be at the expense... Read More »

Islands of Floating Ants

A FOX Carolina reporter witnessed an unusual sight while covering flood conditions in Greenville County, S.C. Sunday – an island of ants floating on the surface of the water.... Read More »

Aphid ID and Damage

The damage from aphids comes from several causes. The first is just their intense feeding, and the removal of a large percentage of the fluids that the plant itself needs for proper growth and... Read More »

Giant Bark Aphids and Control Methods

This giant Bark Aphid (for an aphid at least) reaches an incredible 6 mm long body and hind legs up to 9 mm in length. That makes the body alone about a quarter of an inch in length, which is... Read More »

Aphids versus Predators

Aphids are not entirely defenseless against predators, although their defense is a rather passive one. At the end of the abdomen, on the top surface, you can find a pair of thin tubes sticking up.... Read More »

Wood Boring Beetles vs. Pantry Pest Beetles Mesa, AZ

Sometimes you may have seen problems with insects infesting stored foods. Two of these may easily be confused with wood infesting pests if we make a snap judgment on the identification. The True... Read More »

Big Black Wood Boring Beetles in Mesa, AZ

The Black Polycaon  occurs only along the west coast of the U.S. and into Arizona. It is a fairly large, black beetle about an inch long, and it does not fit the typical description of the... Read More »

Ambrosia Beetles Live in Lumber and Your Home Mesa, AZ

Many of the common bark beetles have the same small size and compact, rounded shape of the Bostrichidae, which we call false powderpost beetles and some of which can be serious structural pests. A... Read More »

Long Horned Boring Beetles Mesa, AZ

More frightening for homeowners are the large brown Cerambycids – long horned house borer -  in the genus Prionus, and there are many different species across North America. One... Read More »

Wood Boring Beetles Can be Beneficial Mesa, AZ

Many beetles emerge from the wood of a structure, but do not present an ongoing problem in the wood where fumigation would be necessary. When a tree dies, as all trees eventually do, it suddenly is... Read More »

Who is to Blame for Wood Boring Beetles? Mesa, AZ

Who is to blame for wood boring beetles if they are in the lumber? The homeowner facing an expensive fumigation would prefer that someone else paid the bill. If it can be shown that the insects were... Read More »

Beetles are 2nd to Termites in Damaging Wood Mesa, AZ

Termites are important in structural pest management. There are various species or groups that are most often found feeding on the wood of structures in North America. The proper identification... Read More »

Bark Beetles are a major cause of tree death Mesa, AZ

Another family of beetles is the family Scolytidae, or the Bark Beetles. Various names are applied to different species or genera of the bark beetles, such as engraver beetles, turpentine... Read More »

Weevils Mesa, AZ

When one thinks of weevils a group of small beetles comes to mind that are distinguished by their greatly elongated heads which usually curve downwards, forming what appears to be a snout or a... Read More »

The Sawtoothed Grain Beetle Mesa, AZ

The Sawtoothed Grain Beetle is VERY flat, very narrow, and very small. It has been proposed that it is so small and flattened that it might even be able to work its way into a jar with a loose lid... Read More »

Drugstore Beetles Mesa, AZ

The Drugstore Beetle is a small, brown, cylindrically-shaped beetle. If one looks at it closely through a hand magnifier it becomes apparent that the wing covers are indented with a series of... Read More »

The Yellow Mealworm Mesa, AZ

The Yellow Mealworm is a unique in that it almost always is a scavenger found in old stale or spoiled food where there is a high moisture content. A good example would be a sack of chicken mash that... Read More »

Indian Meal Moths Mesa, AZ

This is the moth that people encounter most often in kitchens and pantries in homes. It is also one of the most difficult of the Stored Food Pest Moths to deal with since it readily infests such a... Read More »

Stored Food Pests Mesa, AZ

Whenever humans store food for later use, whether it is in a silo on the farm, a food processing plant, a food storage warehouse, a grocery store, or in the pantry or kitchen in a home, various... Read More »

Risks with pesticides Mesa, AZ

    Like many of you, we are concerned about eliminating dangerous toxins and unfriendly pest control chemicals from our homes and our businesses, where they endanger family... Read More »

Carpenter Ant Inspections in Mesa, AZ

The Inspection How do you go about eliminating carpenter ants? It is very important to be able to locate all of the nests inside and outside of this structure, so that each one can be treated as... Read More »

Carpenter Ant Colonies & Invasions in Mesa, AZ

In three to ten years a carpenter ant colony may contain several thousand workers, and it now is considered a "mature" colony capable of producing winged reproductives that it can afford... Read More »

Carpenter Ant Identification in Mesa, AZ

All carpenter ants belong to the genus called Camponotus. However, not all species of Camponotus are considered to be "carpenter" ants, for there are many species that do not excavate wood... Read More »

Cockroach Pest Control Mesa, AZ

  Appearance Cockroaches can measure over 50 mm (2 in) length, with tropical species tending to be larger than those found in other climates. Cockroaches have six legs, two... Read More »

Bed Bug Life Cycles Mesa, AZ

Bed bugs feed only on blood, and the adult female bed bug must have a blood meal from a warm blooded animal before she begins to lay her eggs. The species of bed bug that attacks humans is named The... Read More »

Cockroach Facts Mesa, AZ

American Cockroaches can measure over 50 mm (2 in) length. Cockroaches have six legs, two antennae and some have wings. However, most winged cockroaches are not particularly adept at flying. Adult... Read More »

House Fly Facts Mesa, AZ

The average life span for a housefly in the wild is approximately one month. They can survive longer indoors, where temperatures are consistently moderate. Houseflies pass through the egg, larval... Read More »

Argentine & Pharaoh Ants Mesa, AZ

Ants are the number one pest problem in the country. Ant control can be difficult, but there are some things you should know about how ants’ behavior can lead to big headaches for you and your... Read More »

Ant Management - things you can do Mesa, AZ

Ant management requires diligent efforts and the combined use of mechanical, cultural, sanitation, and often chemical control methods. It is unrealistic and impractical to attempt to totally... Read More »

Get away from Chemicals Mesa, AZ

Organic Pest Solutions are Available In the beginning, there were organochlorines (OCs). The post-WWII explosion in the use of these long lasting chemicals was based on belief... Read More »

How to know it’s organic Pest Control Mesa, AZ

The OMRI Products List is a directory of all products OMRI has determined are allowed for use in organic production, processing, and handling. Applications for products are reviewed... Read More »

Organic Pest Solutions in your Home Mesa, AZ

When you see evidence of cockroaches in your home, your first inclination may be to reach for the strongest bug spray you can find. But before you do, take a deep breath and think again. While... Read More »

Organic Pest Control Mesa, AZ

 DIY Tips Sticky Traps: These traps can be made in a particular color that's coated with a sticky substance that are used to catch insects that are attracted to that color. To be... Read More »

5 Ways to Cope with Mosquitos in Mesa, AZ 85203

Because of the health concerns from the West Nile virus, mosquito populations are always a real concern. Still, here are five ways to cope, reclaim your yard and enjoy your patio: 1. Clear all... Read More »

Tick and Flea Eco-friendly Pest Control Services in Phoenix, AZ 85001

You will need a professional pest control company to perform tick and flea control safely.  To help reduce the population you must vacuum thoroughly, using an edger tool around baseboards,... Read More »

Eco-Friendly Landscape Practices for Natural Pest Control in Mesa, AZ 85203

Transitioning to more environmentally friendly methods takes thought and effort, but reaps benefits in the long run. By designing and planting a landscape with certain principles in mind, you can... Read More »

Top Scorpion Facts, Phoenix, AZ

•    The Scorpion doesn’t have good vision in spite of the fact that it has so many eyes. They have at least 6 but they can have as many as 12. •  ... Read More »

Fly Facts - Mesa, AZ

Fly Facts - Mesa, AZ   More than 100 pathogens are associated with the house fly including: Salmonella, Staphylococcus, E. Coli and Shigella. These pathogens can cause disease in humans... Read More »

House Fly Control Mesa,AZ

  House flies can be real nuisances when they are flying around. But they can also transmit diseases, so it is important to get rid of them. House Fly Control is not always as easy as it... Read More »

Do-It-Yourself Pest Prevention Tips

Something you can do yourself ( Lady Bug offers it too ) that significantly reduces pests from entering your home is SEALING pests out using caulking around all the entry points on your home, around... Read More »

Choose Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Make Your Home Safer

  In choosing Eco Friendly alternatives, consumers need to be alert. Just because a product says it's natural doesn't mean it's nontoxic. Natural is undefined and unregulated by... Read More »

Chemical Safety in Your Home

Chemical safety and exposure to toxic products is really important to have awareness about. I want to talk a little about exposure to chemicals in your home that you may not be aware of, and safer... Read More »

Spider Prevention and Non-Chemical Control Paradise Valley AZ

        Spider Prevention and Non-chemical Control Spiders may enter houses and other structures through cracks and other openings. They also may be carried... Read More »

Spiders are Beneficial Phoenix AZ

  Spiders are Beneficial Many people fear or dislike spiders but, for the most part, spiders are beneficial because of their role as predators of insects and other arthropods, and most... Read More »

Scorpion Stings Scottsdale AZ

Scorpion Stings Although painful — scorpion stings are mostly harmless. In the United States, the bark scorpion, is found mainly in the desert Southwest, and has venom potent enough to... Read More »

Bee Removal is Better for YOU! Cave Creek AZ

Bee Removal is Better for YOU! When we provide a bee service, we remove the hive with the queen and relocate them so they continue to thrive and not be a threat to people. The hive should... Read More »

ECO Friendly Pest Control Peoria AZ

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Lady Bug Eco-Friendly Pest Control provides an environmentally responsible pest control program that controls common pests such as ants, spiders, roaches, crickets and... Read More »

Treat your 2X4's against Termites Chandler AZ

LADY BUG OFFERS ADDITIONAL PROTECTION AGAINST TERMITES Lady Bug offers the most common termite treatments of drilling around your home and treating around the soil of the structure to protect... Read More »

Pest proof your home Tempe AZ

Steps to pest-proof your home 1.    Tightly seal all entry points:  gaps in siding, door and window screens, and around pipes. Rodents, scorpions and cockroaches can enter... Read More »

Pest Prevention Year Round Buckeye AZ

Reasons You Need Pest Control Year Round   Your home is still in danger of being invaded by unwanted pests even during the coldest months of the year. A warm day... Read More »

Termite Damage Cave Creek AZ

Termites cause billions of damage annually cause billions of dollars in damage each year. They primarily feed on wood, but also damage paper, books, insulation, and even swimming pool liners and... Read More »

Ridding your home of Termites and Damage Glendale AZ

Termite-damaged wood is usually hollowed out along the grain, with bits of dried mud or soil lining the feeding galleries. Wood damaged by moisture or other types of insects (e.g., carpenter ants)... Read More »

Chemical Safety Scottsdale AZ

Chemical Safety in Your Home Every year five to ten million household chemical poisonings are reported. Many are fatal and most of the victims are children. These poisonings are the result of... Read More »

Poisonous Pests Fountain Hills AZ

With the high volume of pests in our warm climate, there may be specific situations that you will need professional advice. are a very durable pest - and quite scary to have in your home,... Read More »

Termite Warranty Paradise Valley AZ

Subterranean termite colonies may contain hundreds of thousands of individuals, foraging in many different directions. For the homeowner, localized or "spot" treatments are generally a... Read More »

Scorpion Habits Phoenix AZ

Scorpions Scorpions are not insects: they're a highly successful order of the spider family, with 8 legs and often up to 4 pairs of eyes. I say successful, because not only have they been around... Read More »

Scorpion Mating Ritual Scottsdale AZ

Fascinating courtship and mating ritual One of the most fascinating characteristics of scorpions is their courtship and mating ritual. Normally this occurs on moonless nights in an area of open... Read More »

Termite Treatments Mesa AZ

Subterranean termite colonies may contain hundreds of thousands of individuals, foraging in many different directions. For the homeowner, localized or "spot" treatments are generally a gamble except... Read More »

Safe removal - Bee's are beneficial Scottsdale AZ

In the United States agriculture alone, the annual value of honey bee pollination can be counted in billions of dollars. Bees pollinate about one-sixth of the world's flowering plant species and... Read More »

How do I get Bed Bugs? Phoenix AZ

What are bed bugs? Bed bugs are insects of the Order Hemiptera and Family Cimicidae, which has over 90 species around the world and 15 in North America. Bed bugs and their relatives are wingless,... Read More »

Bed Bugs and Multi-Unit Properties Mesa AZ

Bed Bugs in Multi-Unit Properties: Bed bugs are at an epidemic level and infestation is easy to occur with so many people coming in and out carrying unwanted hitch hikers. It is important to have a... Read More »

Franchise Opportunity Scottsdale AZ

Lady Bug Franchise Systems Corporation offers a unique business concept by providing ECO - FRIENDLY PEST CONTROL.  Lady Bug uses natural materials inside and outside, and it is a safe and very... Read More »

ECO Friendly Pest Control Scottsdale AZ

Practical Pest Prevention Tips and Minimizing Chemicals As we approach the summer season, there are pest prevention tips that the professionals at Lady Bug Pest Control Specialist suggest you do.... Read More »

Bed Bugs Phoenix AZ

Arizona Statutes Related to Bed Bug Activity   Sec. 3.  Title 33, chapter 10, article 1, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended by adding section 33-1319, to read:   A.  A LANDLORD HAS THE... Read More »

Termite Swarmers Phoenix AZ

While buildings may become infested at any time, termites are of particular importance when buying or selling a home since a termite inspection report is normally a condition of sale. Besides the... Read More »

Pest Control Phoenix AZ

Lady Bug is an Eco-Friendly Pest Control Company. We are the safe and effective alternative in pest control for people and their pets. We understand about safety, and have been doing... Read More »

Termite Shelter Tube Scottsdale AZ

Termites construct termite tubes for shelter as they travel between their underground colonies and the structure. To help determine if an infestation is active, Lady Bug Eco-Friendly Pest Control... Read More »

Scorpion Home Seal Scottsdale AZ

Lady Bug Pest Control Specialists uses natural and organic pest control methods to keep your home safe.  As we have more rain, pest activity increases and you may see swarming termites in your... Read More »

Bed Bugs Mesa AZ

Bed Bug Elimination Over Night  Lady Bug Eco-Friendly Pest Control is Experienced in Bed Bug Eco Heat Treatments. We use a Heat process for individual rooms, or an entire structure. Our process is... Read More »