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Lady Bug Pest Control Reviews

High Pest Control Standards!

If you are looking for a company with the highest professional standards that will give you the best there is to offer in this field, Lady Bug Pest Control is the place to call. The non-profit I work for shared space with Lisa Miller and the Lady Bug Staff for a time, and they are a terrific group of people.

They know their business and do it with skill and commitment. Having spent a good deal of time in the same building with the main office of Lady Bug, I can tell you that there was never any chemical odors or issues, and everything was immaculate and “bug free!” (except for the pet tarantula in the terrarium!!)

Lisa, the owner, is a true professional who is also ethically and environmentally responsible. I highly recommend this company for any of your pest control needs!

-Melissa S

Thanks Lady Bug Pest Control!

Lady Bug has been keeping bugs away from my house for the past 5 years or more and we love,love, love the service. I am an organic gardener with 3 dogs and I have never used a noxious chemical on the property–and neither have they!

We have had the same technician for years and he always brings treats for the dogs. It’s a little thing, But it charms me. We haven’t seen a noxious insect or an unwelcome spider in ages thanks to Lady Bug! Keep up the quality service, Lisa!! And thanks!

-Jennifer T.

Fast response and fabulous service!

Lady Bug had a tech at my home within 24 hours of my discovery of scorpions in my carpet! I have a dog and I was very concerned for him and me, not only about the insects but the chemicals that most pest control companies use! The Lady Bug service man was clean, knowledgeable, and very courteous.

Our Scorpion/Cricket problem was solved immediately with very an effective eco and pet friendly organic treatment . I highly recommend Lady Bug Pest Control for all pest control needs and they are my first choice! Thank you for great service Lady Bug Pest Control Staff and Owner!

-Michele C

Superior Pest Control!

I’ve used Lady Bug monthly since it opened its doors. I had known the owner, Lisa Miller, for several years prior and admired her work ethic and vibrant personality. Her company offers superior environmentally friendly products. Over the years, I’ve had some challenging scorpion and ant issues, but Lady Bug was always there to talk me off the ledge and get rid of the problems.

Today, my bugs are under control and the products are safe for my dogs. The company has exceptional customer service and it reflects the same work ethic that I so appreciated in Lisa so many years ago.

-Andi S.