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Safe removal - Bee's are beneficial Scottsdale AZ


In the United States agriculture alone, the annual value of honey bee pollination can be counted in billions of dollars. Bees pollinate about one-sixth of the world's flowering plant species and some 400 of its agricultural plants. Poorly pollinated plants produce fewer, often misshapen, fruits and lower yields of seed with inevitable consequences upon quality, availability and price of food. One of the few farm activities that can actually increase yields, rather than simply protect existing yields from losses, is to manage bees to encourage good pollination.

When we provide a bee service, in situations where we can safely remove the bees - we do.   The hive should become inactive almost immediately, with the exception of a few worker bees that were out of the hive while we were removing it.  We then seal the entry points to discourage future bee activity in that area.  We provide a 30 day guarantee, so if bees return to the same area, we will retreat at no charge.

Often, there will be a honey comb in the wall void near the site where the bees are.  Often, it takes someone with a construction background to cut a hole in the drywall or stucco, or to do whatever is necessary to gain access for removal of the comb, and then to do the repairs.  We recommend you do this, since a honey comb in the wall is likely to attract new bees back in the same location.

Sometimes there is no problem to leave a small honey comb where it is in the wall void.  However, usually it is necessary to remove the comb, especially if the hive is large and has been established for awhile.  The bees fan the honey to keep it cool.  Once the bees are no longer in the hive, the honey can melt and may start to damage an interior wall.  If the comb is accessible, you would want a professional to remove any honey comb there.

Sometimes - due to the location of the hive or safety in a neighborhood and considering agitating them while doing a removal, we cannot always remove them safely without putting people at risk. In that case they must be exterminated, but it is our last option.

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Bee's are beneficial